January 10, 2019

The first photo I turned in, unedited, 2012

The first photo I turned in, unedited, 2012

I came across this image today & it made me laugh and also feel very humble....

This first image was the first photo I ever turned in for an assignment during my time at the Academy of Art University of San Francisco in 2012. Thinking back now I remember being so stoked on this image and thought “Wow, they are gonna be so pleased with my work maybe I’ll get my degree even sooner”....

I got a C+ on it. I was completely appalled. Pissed off, more like it. I was an honor roll student in high school, took AP classes, and never got a C+ on really anything before. This made me more than just mad, it made me hungry. Hungry for knowledge on how to get better.

The second image was my attempt at editing it for my final in that same class. Again now looking at it I’m still cringing, but not only for the lack of artistic judgement on my part, but for how my attitude was back then. I thought I was such an amazing photographer & so full of myself, even without the proper knowledge base.

It’s taken me a lot of time, patience, and bad photos to settle this ego down.

7 years later looking back on this I can honestly say I’m not only a better photographer, but a better person. The last image was my edit today on it. Still not the greatest image, but even with all the cringe worthy critiques it’s still one of my favorite images. It reminds me of a turning point in my life. A point where I finally got put in my place. Where I had to sit back and take criticism. Where I had to learn that balancing act between reality and artistic vision.

I’ve learned now that there is no such thing as a perfect photo.

Just a perfect representation of a moment in an artistic process that never ends.

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