January 12, 2019

I went into town today & took some photos of the chainsaw carvings that were happening at 'Tornado Alley'.

If you aren't aware of what happened in Port Orchard then watch this:

These guys came from the Ocean Shores area to take some of the fallen timbers that are scattered across everyone's property and instead of removing or burning them, they've turned them into great works of art that they then donated to the homeowners that were effected by this freak occurrence. It was so cool watching them turn just plain stumps, that somebody would use for a bonfire, and in 20 minutes it starts to become a statue of a Bigfoot or an Eagle.

It was interesting to watch other artists in their element. When you are an artist yourself and you become addicted to the artistic process, watching others go through a version of that same process is interesting to witness. When I go to photograph something, like this event for example, I generally stand back and watch what is going on, come up with shots in my head, and then let the camera lead me to where I need to go. These guys handled their pieces of wood the same way. The looked at the stump, walked around it, maybe shared a few ideas for what they had in mind with the crowd, and then put on their glasses and went to work without any hesitation. Then slowly with each cut they started transforming it into a piece of artwork, solely coming from the depths of their own artistic vision.

Watching artists come together for a good cause and turn something so awful into something positive was very inspiring to see.

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